The Seattle-Isfahan Music Project is an exciting new collaborative venture between classical musicians in Seattle, WA and Isfahan, Iran.  Led by award-winning guitarist Naeim Rahmani and with support from the Seattle-Isfahan Sister Cities Advocacy,  the project creates a collaborative workspace where performers and composers from the two cities can come together to bring exciting new works into the classical guitar repertoire.  


Isfahani Composer, Ashkan Saberi was the first composer to collaborate in this project. He has written two pieces for this project: A Piece for Guitar Orchestra and Habanera for guitar- quintet 

Iranian-Canadian composer, Parisa Sabet, creates a sonic world that is rich, layered, lyrical, and accessible to listeners. Parisa is working on a piece for the project. More to come...

Seattle based composer Jeffrey Bowen has written a piece for guitar- quintet. This piece is called Ruba'i (Quatrain) which takes its impetus from the classical Persian poetic genre of the same name. 

Farid’s compositional style ranges from contemporary musical idiom to the incorporation of Persian folkloric elements in his works. He is currently writing a piece for guitar-quintet for this project. More to come...

The Seattle Mandolin Orchestra and  the Seattle Guitar Ensemble will join together in premiering pieces that are written for the project. 

Seattle Guitar Ensemble

The Seattle Guitar Ensemble is a new ensemble composed of young talented guitarists from the Seattle area. Led by Naeim Rahmani the ensemble includes composers and performers who are interested in exploring new genres in classical guitar music.